The Combination Past Life/Guidework Session

The Combination Session explores past lives plus a remarkably helpful visit with your spiritual guide where you can ask 8-10 questions regarding any subjects. A great deal of knowledge and understanding is normally obtained from this session and most people find it is much easier to access their guide on their own following the session.

Past Life Regression: What is the purpose of a Past Life Regression?
The purpose of a Past Life Regression is to give you access to your subconscious mind, which holds your deepest memories. These memories are not only from the present life, but also from all the lives you have ever lived. Healing from past life regression occurs through seeing, experiencing, understanding, and resolving the true root causes of your problem or concern.

Guidework: Once hypnotized, you are guided to an enchanted and timeless place where your spiritual guide or teacher is able to meet with you. As your guide stands before you, you will feel the incredible unconditional love that they have for you. As you bask in this love and acceptance, I will prompt you to ask each of your questions. Together, we will explore techniques that you can do on your own to stay connected with your guide following the guidework session.

The Combination Past Life/Guidework is a single session that lasts 2 1/2 hours and is $300.00. Cash, checks or online payment using PayPal are accepted.

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Session Pricing

Individual Sessions :
Guidework Session (2 hrs) – $250
Past Life Regression (2 hrs) – $250
Life Between Lives (LBL)® Regression(4 hrs) – $425
Griefwork Session (2 hrs) – $250

Combination Sessions :
Save Money with Combination Sessions!
Past Life/Guidework (2 1/2 hrs) – $300
Past Life/Life Between Lives (LBL)® (2 sessions) – $600

Payment Information

Please click on the links below for online payment using PayPal. Cash or checks are also accepted at the office.

Guidework Session
Past Life Regression
Life Between Lives(LBL)® Regression
Griefwork Session
Combination Past Life/Guidework
Combination Past Life/Life Between Lives (LBL)®



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Hypnosis Recording

You will get more out of your session if you listen to the hypnosis recording.