The Past Life Regression Session

There are many reasons why an individual might choose to experience a Past Life Regression. The most common reasons that my clients have chosen to partake in a Past Life Regression include eliminating physical or emotional issues, determining life patterns or lessons, diminishing the fear of death, explaining unusual dreams or “déjà vu” experiences, and drawing from positive aspects of past lives. Chronic medical problems such as headaches, musculoskeletal pain, asthma, allergies, and even sexual dysfunction often respond to past life therapy, especially when these problems have not responded to traditional forms of therapy. Problems such as as anxiety, fearfulness, anger, and phobias can often be eliminated through past life regressions. If you find yourself asking: “What did I ever do to deserve this?” or “Why am I going through this again?”- The answers to these questions are often found in past life behaviors. Through regressions, we can expose hidden influences from the past as to express them in the present so you can be free from the physical or emotional problem, confusion, or negative patterns.

What is a Past Life Regression?
A Past Life Regression is a hypnotherapy technique that connects you with one or more past lives which are relevant to your problems or concern.

What is the purpose of a Past Life Regression?
The purpose of a Past Life Regression is to give you access to your subconscious mind, which holds your deepest memories. These memories are not only from the present life, but also from all the lives you have ever lived. Healing from past life regression occurs through seeing, experiencing, understanding, and resolving the true root causes of your problem or concern.

Reviewing past lives helps you to deeply understand the mind-body-spirit connection and how you will evolve as a soul. The overall goal is to help you live a more integrated life style in the present and to realize your connection with the universe so that you can participate more positively, effectively, and creatively in your current life.

What if I don’t believe in reincarnation?
The important thing about Past Life Regression is that neither the client, nor the therapist, needs to believe in reincarnation for the therapy to be effective. The process may be looked at literally or strictly allegorically.

Will I remember what happens in my Past Life Regression?
Most clients do recall all that occurred during their session and, in fact, are given a hypnotic suggestion to remember everything clearly. I also records your session so that you can fully relax and enjoy the experience as it unfolds. This will allow you to review and analyze your past life at your convenience.

A Past Life Regression lasts 2 hours and is $250.00. Cash, checks or online payment using PayPal are accepted.

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Session Pricing

Individual Sessions :
Guidework Session (2 hrs) – $250
Past Life Regression (2 hrs) – $250
Life Between Lives (LBL)® Regression(4 hrs) – $425
Griefwork Session (2 hrs) – $250

Combination Sessions :
Save Money with Combination Sessions!
Past Life/Guidework (2 1/2 hrs) – $300
Past Life/Life Between Lives (LBL)® (2 sessions) – $600

Payment Information

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Guidework Session
Past Life Regression
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Hypnosis Recording

You will get more out of your session if you listen to the hypnosis recording.



The Past Life Regression explores several lifetimes relating to issues that are of interest or concern to the client, whether it has to do with unexplained dreams or visions, fear of death, phobias or chronic problems of no apparent origin, or relationships with others. As a result of this session you will understand the issues from a higher perspective and physical or emotional problems are often healed as I involve your spiritual guide in this healing process.

Session lasts 2 hours. Cost: $250.00