Life Between Lives (LBL)® Testimonials


My Life Between Lives session with Carole was a life-deepening experience that human vocabulary cannot describe. One of the important realizations was the extreme heaviness I felt coming back into the body in contrast to the loving, open, blissful awareness that was all mine while in the spirit world. Halfway back my mind clicked in instantly to judgment, etc.; this drastic change allowed me to see that it is different and challenging being in the human body, just part of the terrain, so I have lightened up and am enjoying the trip more! But the yummy comfort continues to be a basic part of me. I also was able to get important information and encouragement that has taken me to a new level of living. An aware facilitator guiding you seems to be an important factor, and Carole certainly filled that role. I will be forever grateful and plan on going back in the future. PJ Good Allen, Texas

My life between lives regression was incredible. What a life altering experience! It brought me to a higher level of spirituality. T. McCormick Dallas, Texas

The Life Between Lives Regression represented a springboard to aspects of perception I could easily incorporate into my daily meditation. There was a personal impact in adding these parts of my spirituality into my daily life and a visceral confidence that my perceptions were correct and viable. I appreciate and extol this, after many different ways of viewing therapy including traditional psychotherapy, as being quick and life altering. Dorthea A. De Lancey, Ph.D. Rainbow, Texas

Have you ever met someone for the first time, knowing that you never met that person before (you just couldn’t have), yet feeling that you have known that person your entire life? The first time I met him, I felt like I could look into his eyes and see his soul. During the Life Between Lives session with Carole, I discovered that I had experienced many lives with this person, both of us taking on different roles at different times. Knowing that there was a spiritual connection, beyond our human understanding, made the current relationship not only more meaningful, but less intimidating and confusing. Also, since I was already in a relationship with my life partner, I was able to recognize this new relationship for what it is and was able to refocus my energy on the existing relationship. Marilyn Brown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Past Life Regression Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for helping me be able to get through a difficult life lesson. I never knew that a past life could affect us so much in our present life. You regressed me with ease and got me in contact with my spiritual guide. With his help and your guidance, I was healed of a traumatic past life death, which was affecting this life. I had such a huge fear in my present life, which I could not understand.

Thank you for your gentle assistance with the journey into my past. You led me slowly through it with caring and kindness. You let the session flow smoothly, never forcing an issue but letting it proceed wherever it was meant to go. My emotional health is now healed. I no longer have the fear and my physical body is quickly improving. You are remarkable at what you do.

I have been unable to work at the job I love for over four months. Thanks to you and Dr. Rita, I soon will be returning to my job of fire fighting.

R. Stovall East Texas

All of my session was fascinating! I think your sessions are outstanding for all people that need help, especially emotionally. Thank you for your wonderful ability to direct the session with comments and questions in such a way as to help with growth and learning! C. Bowers Dallas, Texas

Greetings Carole,
I want to thank you for your guidance during the regression and guidework session. What a dynamic and enlightening experience. I was told years ago that one of the benefits of experiencing a past life regression would be the possibility of recognizing something about yourself that might need to be released or understood better about why you are the way you are in this lifetime. I will not go into detail here, but I must say, I do have a better understanding of several issues that were prevailing in this incarnation. The session has helped me to release some of the emotional debris that existed and has lightened my spirit and physical body. I felt I was ready for this experience, but yet am awed by the outcome. I will look forward to a life-between-lives session sometime in the future.

Thank you very, very much for leading me to my guide. I know there is so much more to come from this reunion.

R. Roberts in Current Lifetime Dallas, Texas

Hypnosis Testimonial

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have not had ANY allergy problems since my session with you in 2003. It is so wonderful to be able to breathe! An added bonus is that I feel more powerful and at ease now. Pat Cox Fort Worth, Texas