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Journey Between Lives
Your Journey Begins Here!

Griefwork Session is for clients that are experiencing grief from losing loved ones

The Past Life Regression explores several lifetimes

relating to issues that are of interest or concern to the client

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Journey Between Lives


If you are searching for a positive life changing experience-whether it be through meeting your spiritual guides, exploring significant past lives or traveling to your true home in the spirit world to understand the “big picture”-

Your Journey Starts Here!


Session Pricing

Individual Sessions :
Guidework Session (2 hrs) – $250
Past Life Regression (2 hrs) – $250
Life Between Lives (LBL)® Regression (4 hrs) – $425
Griefwork Session (2 hrs) – $250

Combination Sessions :
Save Money with Combination Sessions!
Past Life/Guidework (2 1/2 hrs) – $300
Past Life/Life Between Lives (LBL)® (2 sessions) – $600